How to Become a Journalist in 5 Steps?

People want to know all things and this is the reason why journalism is a perpetual career. Although in the digital era journalism is changing from its conventional newspaper style, it is still a flourishing business that is open to skeptical offers. 

The best thing about being a journalist is knowing what happened, where, why and who was the cause of it before others get to know. However, it is not without competition and it needs the best brains. If you are thinking of becoming a journalist and don’t know where to start your journalism journey, this article will teach you how to become a journalist in five steps. Check them below.

Be inspired

The first step to being a journalist is being inspired to do this job. If you love writing and sharing stories, this career is for you. Having a deep passion for journalism is required if you decide to chase your dreams in this industry. This is because it is not easy but with passion, you can conquer all the hard times in this career. 

Get education

As we said earlier, this field is competitive and therefore, your passion won’t be enough.  You need to get the right education. You will be working editors and you must know that they will not spoonfeed you. A degree will give you what the employers are looking for in a journalist. One of the elements they need is fluency in social media and initiatives in storytelling. It is hard to be considered for an interview when you do not have a degree. You need independence, drive, and keenness to complete a degree to the best level. Such a degree gives you a place of starting your career.

In case you want to become a journalist reporting political matters, you should take a minor or a double major. It will assist you to grow specialist knowledge of the subject even as you get the journalism skills that are needed to be successful in the field.

Create strong relationships

If you intend to be a section of the media, there is a need to invest much effort in building and sustaining strong relationships. This doesn’t mean creating relationships when you get a job. Creating relationships starts right now. Create relationships with your peers, colleagues, and mentors. If these people are working in the same industry as you, they are good sources of information and this will help you to become better. 

Pick a good location

When it comes to Media, your location is important. You should be in a place where key media firms and bureaus are based. It will help you to get offers and improve your career. Many students are aware that if you wish to become a journalist you should go to the city. But technology has changed everything and you can work from anywhere. 

Be competitive

Being in a competitive industry means you should also play tough. It is not easy to get a journalism job or promotion. However, you can change this if you perform well. It is your performance that can take you to other ranks – read article on broadcast journalism career information


Journalism is like any other career. You need to work hard, create relationships and be a competitive person.